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2D Sprite

With 2D Sprite 3.0 Control(working on it;)).

With these object you can create Quickly and Easy games in Visual Basic 6(i think that you can use in above versions too).
Don't use in other OOPL(Object Oriented Programming Language), because i belive that isn't working.

- Collision precision: you can change the Collision Rectangule;
- Strips: here you can choose the subimages in a big image;
- FileName: you can read animated images too(*.ani; *.gif).

Graphics Properties:
- OldColor and NewColorChange: change 1 color to another;
- Black and White: put the image black and white;
- Transparent Color: put 1 color, what you choose or automatic, transparent(hide the color);
- Mirror: mirror the image;
- Rotate: rotate the image by any angle;
- Stretch(the Autosize property must be False);
- Tiles(the Autosize property must be False) : copy the image until the object size.
- Opacy;
- Shadow: you can change the position and color;
- Flashing Time: is the time for blink the image\control.
- BorderSelectionColor, BorderSelectionWidth: is the line arrow the character\object. you can change color and width.

- Move and NotMove and the Stop(these one is only called after you move the object);
- Collision;
- NotCollision(for you detecte the distance between you and the next object)
- MouseStoped, MouseScrolling, MouseEnter and MouseExit;
- KeyDown: these one don't have the Delay;);
- NoKey and AnyKey;
- ChangeImage: when 1 image is showed\Drawed;
- Create;
- Joystick: here you program the Joystick what button and(you can use both;)) direction was used;

2D Sprite 3.0

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